I like that font. You could have a browser read any web page throgh that font, right? meaning is a product of cognitive behavior - thinkign and desire,

meaning knowledge not the smae

information, fact -> meaning meaning ful knwledge -> wisdom

information is desireless




information - knowledge - wisdom

information from facts

knowledge from facts = "know that"; knowledge from experience -= "know how"

everything is digitized, image text image


group is a subject knowledge from a group as a subject not necessarily raphael,

mass easier to manipulate than individuals, large collective, not emancipated, perfecting the individual knowledge,

idea before pomo: knowledge body of information you could learn, spend time to study, comprehensible

signal to noise ratio and complexity, weather, water, for ex. modeled but not understood

knowledge not as an accumulation of data, lived experience,

libraries is a site where one goes to acquire knowledge - bank stored, not interest, produce it form the holdings

"information is a difference that makes a difference"

data to understanding has to be produced by a subject



I don't even put things on the alternate text, that's for blind people right? Is that bad?

rationality not our speciality any longer machines can do it better, what is our specialty? error production, errors, glitches. searching and filtering is machine work, but meaning is a product of cognitive behavior - thinking and desire, but meaning and knowledge is not the smae. thinking to have meaning - gleick, cognitive action but doesnt have to be hujman, culture produces meaing all the time - machines capable of producitng meaing - lsiten for subtle variations.

information, fact is not meaning - meaning - knowledge, wisdom

information is desireless, while knowledge is insription of experience

affordances - acccessibility, affordance of quality of the viewer. code for subjectivity vs. graceless information. Subject bring valuation. explicit knowledge and subjective understanding

we maintain records of everything, we lost the ability to forget, and without the ability to forget we don't have value - economics of deletion, it takes work and energy to delete but calculating doesn't. Not organizing is not remembering in meta data for the future - searching and filtering replaced experts and hierarchies of knowledge. metadata is added for the possibility of recording searching

storing, real data farms ecological issues north of sweden and texas for ex, the ifnrastructural fragility. loose information on hard drive vs. loose on oct, corruption of information vs. functionality. loom - information - pixels. it is a resolution problem, informaiton requires essentialism - measure of difference, random noise vs a million repeating ones little informaiton. unpredictability is infomraoitn. surprisability - noise - prdictability it needs tension for human interest. how much change do you need in a non random system to produce interetingness. surprise is just causality we don't understand yet, no true randomenss.

statistical correlations on two data sets

dramatizing the technologies that we use to create knowledge

database as a visual and structural base for what we are doing

use proposals of it

multiple ways

operation as a subset of a general approach

normally the database is hidden and the library is visible

reverse and make library support system

r doesn't want to tame the database. it should be terrifying to

j: for her not frightening

feeling of it, affect, connection to it.

it is a multi-prong thing

polymorphous thing

database existencies

database other databases - populationHow can one loose a library - burning books vs. digital file. destorying infomraiton is agresivley different, now we have copies of copies

from very practical to very abstract

cover paper - database

different levels of intervention

analogy - corrupted and real relation

have it exist in different ontological statuses


polls - truthiness - algorhithms statistics

infected also, books information can be different

people go

can take your dog

books store things

darwin among the machines -

noise - signal

superimpose texts

home software


book bends
scan crocked

double exposure

graphics + text


book 200 years old

hard drive


planet of the apes


opaque - transparent library

prating press - availability

external memory devices - recording storage

stone tablet

hd electricity software - infrastructure

black miniature monolith

no relation to hd - no physicality

pulling the plug weiner then what?

server farms in locations where infrastructure not built out

cell phone cemetery

text messages gone

unstable inaccessible fragile


database - holdings of the library -

banner, textile, particle board

sections of library - rotating manner, cover books with paper, anonymize parts of the library

conversation in disagreement



not antagonism but in productive sense

searchable is not organizing, as in the cemetery of data

techno determinism

store more things but never less materiality

the cloud is in a server farm

memory and knowledge is not the same

discussing external memory devices

more radical information - not into paradigm shift or yes

research library digital, on internet, need to know what movie you are looking for, hrmmmm

access points design of them

accidental access important

removal of accident in one sense

netflix options exponentially expanded, more difficult to choose

truthiness - crowd sourced truth, vs. old books before classicism - populist truth

rumor mill - imaginary - ecco chamber

polls - truthiness - algorhithms statistics

subvert appropriate from our space buffer zone between work and library

public art work

constant life support
constant attention- or it is forgotten...
of course,
all these databases, come with a supporting infrastructure (power)
it is a lossy format, we keep losing that pigeon all the time
but you don't always do. Too much gets lost in the way.
it is a lossy format, we keep losing that pigeon all the time
theoretically i should have been slowly adapting each file as i moved forward.-
but we dont do that- the digital has a death drive. it needs constant life support
constant attention- or it is forgotten...power here is to pull the plug... not to enforce the categories...
that comes back to the lossy format of the database
i think there is something about obsolete formats
as well.
like what?
the lossy format of the digital.
i mean, you don't have to retype each book everytime you get new shelves
yes, but also lossy format as we switch formats, it is lossy in one repsect, but you also gain other functions
not sure.
there is power as well in operation there.
its not so simple, these programs usually change incrementally-

there is software that loses features in new releases


[11/24/12 3:06:18 PM] julieta: i don't particularly think so
[11/24/12 3:07:03 PM] julieta: http://www.cnn.com/2012/11/23/world/europe/uk-wwii-pigeon-mystery/index.html?hpt=hp_c2
[11/24/12 3:07:07 PM] fia backstrom: we can think about this in terms of medium like image - text - sound, or through the levels of core languages, but there must be another way to think these transitions crossing or cuttingfields of knowledge in an unexpected way
[11/24/12 3:07:12 PM] fia backstrom: yes, I saw that
[11/24/12 3:07:28 PM] julieta: lost meaning
[11/24/12 3:07:39 PM] julieta: the pigeon has been un-booked.
[11/24/12 3:07:50 PM] Raphael Lyon: thinking..
[11/24/12 3:07:50 PM] fia backstrom: they sent out this string of letters to everyone if someone can crack it: AOAKN HVPKD FNFJW
[11/24/12 3:07:57 PM] fia backstrom: AOAKN HVPKD FNFJW
[11/24/12 3:07:59 PM] fia backstrom: AOAKN HVPKD FNFJW
[11/24/12 3:08:01 PM] fia backstrom: AOAKN HVPKD FNFJW
[11/24/12 3:09:48 PM] Raphael Lyon: ok
[11/24/12 3:09:54 PM] Raphael Lyon: :; )

[11/24/12 3:37:48 PM] fia backstrom: I think we need to go more conrete now
[11/24/12 3:37:51 PM] Raphael Lyon: the archives survive through being copied. they arent contained in any single location
[11/24/12 3:38:13 PM] Raphael Lyon: we are betting on stability through multiplication.
[11/24/12 3:38:29 PM] Raphael Lyon: I think we all know that feeling when a manuscript becomes a book,
[11/24/12 3:38:38 PM] Raphael Lyon: or that video is finally made into copies on DVD
[11/24/12 3:38:09 PM] julieta: the internet where i am is really despicable.
[11/24/12 3:39:27 PM] julieta: [11/24/12 9:36:50 PM] Raphael Lyon: a hammer
[11/24/12 9:36:55 PM] julieta: : )
[11/24/12 9:37:04 PM] julieta: glass of water
[11/24/12 9:38:06 PM] julieta: the internet where i am is really despicable.
[11/24/12 3:40:16 PM] julieta: i can't hear you
[11/24/12 3:40:18 PM] Raphael Lyon: copies? are we off topic
[11/24/12 3:40:29 PM] Raphael Lyon: did you get that
[11/24/12 3:40:29 PM] Raphael Lyon: [11/24/12 3:37:48 PM] Raphael Lyon: the archives survive through being copied. they arent contained in any single location
[11/24/12 3:38:10 PM] Raphael Lyon: we are betting on stability through multiplication.
[11/24/12 3:38:26 PM] Raphael Lyon: I think we all know that feeling when a manuscript becomes a book,
[11/24/12 3:38:35 PM] Raphael Lyon: or that video is finally made into copies on DVD
[11/24/12 3:38:06 PM] julieta: the internet where i am is really despicable.
[11/24/12 3:40:33 PM] julieta: but i red about copies
[11/24/12 3:40:36 PM] julieta: got it

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3. Id also like to talk about some of the fundamental logics at work in our experiments in the Library at least as they are right now, especially as we move to printing out the database in volume form. I am having doubts about the validity of basing so much of our content on the particular way that an arbitrary section of the database was interpreted by a particular web browser. I don't know if we are being really honest and specific about the mechanisms involved there, I don't think any of us really understand why it appears the way it does- and all of this makes me uncomfortable. If we are going to be so particular about the language in which we describe (and inscribe) these experiments it seems we should understand the fundamental processes involved.
Or be honest about not understanding them. etc

I also believe that this particular database lacks the appropriate qualities for any kind of critical analysis of contemporary databases, such as the kind that we are familiar with through Amazon, because it does not reform itself dynamically in regard to the reader which is searching through it. The Geothe database is just a digitized extended card catalog. The distinction between the two is one of the most critical issues underlying these questions, I don't think we can avoid it, in fact I believe the opposite.
The questions of how populations are cataloged, inside and outside these books and databases lines up with the split between 20th century notions of surveillance on the individual, and 21st century notions of surveillance on a population of probability. Lets get at it...


ε․ ιď αʪσ Ɩįʞє ʈσʈαƖʞ α♭σ∪ʈ␎ṃє℉ ʈңє ғ∪иď㏂єиʈαƖ ㏒į⊂§§ αʈẘσΓʞ ㏌ σ∪Γ єχρєΓįṃєиʈ§§㏌ ʈңє⅂į♭ΓαΓƴ αʈ
Ɩє℁ʈ ℁ ʈңєƴ αΓєΓį⅁ңʈ №ẘ˛ є§ρє⊂įαƖƖƴ ℁ ẘє ṃσ√є ʈσ ㏚㏌ʈ㏌⅁ σ∪ʈ ʈңє ďαʈα♭℁є ㏌ √σƖ∪ṃє ғσΓṃ․ ι ㏂
ңα√㏌⅁ ďσ∪♭ʈ§§ α♭σ∪ʈ ʈңє√αƖįďįʈƴ ℉ ♭℁į㏌⅁ ␎ ṃ∪⊂ң ℉ σ∪Γ ⊂σиʈєиʈ σиʈңє ραΓʈį℆ƖαΓ ẘαƴ ʈңαʈ αи αΓ♭įʈΓαΓƴ §є⊂ʈįσи ℉ ʈңє ďαʈα♭℁є ẘ℁ ㏌ʈєΓ㏚єʈєď ♭ƴ α ραΓʈį℆ƖαΓ ẘє♭ ♭Γσẘ§єΓ․ ι ďσиʈ ʞ№ẘ įғ ẘє αΓє є♭㏌⅁ ΓєαƖƖƴ ңσиє§ʈ αиď §єρє⊂įғį⊂ α♭σ∪ʈ ʈңє ṃє⊂ңαиʪṃ§ ㏌√σƖ√єď ʈңєΓє˛ ι ďσиʈ ʈң㏌ʞ αиƴ ℉ ␟ ΓєαƖƖƴ ∪иďє␞ʈαи裏 ẘңƴ įʈ αρρєα␞ ʈңє ẘαƴ įʈďœ§ - αиď αƖƖ℉ ʈңʪ ṃαʞє§ ṃє ∪и⊂σṃғσΓʈαӸє․ ιғ ẘє αΓє ⅁σ㏌Ᏻʈσ♭є␎ραΓʈį℆ƖαΓα♭σ∪ʈʈңє Ɩαи⅁∪α⅁є ㏌ ẘңį⊂ң ẘє ďє§␍į♭є ( αиď ιи§␍į♭є) ʈңє§є єχρєΓįṃєиʈ§ įʈ §єєṃ§ ẘє §ңσ∪Ɩď ∪иďє␞ʈαиď ʈңєғ∪иď㏂єиʈαƖ ㏚σ₠§§є§ ㏌√σƖ√єď․
θΓ ♭є ңσиє§ʈ α♭σ∪ʈ №ʈ ∪иďє␞ʈαиď㏌⅁ ʈң␙․ єʈ⊂․

ι αʪσ ␇įє√є ʈңαʈ ʈңʪ ραΓʈį℆ƖαΓ ďαʈα♭℁є Ɩα⊂ʞ§§ ʈңєαρ㏚σ㏚įαʈє ⓠ∪αƖįʈįє§ ғσΓαиƴ ʞ㏌ď ℉ ␍įʈį㎈ αиαƖƴ§ʪ ℉ ⊂σиʈєṃρσΓαΓƴ ďαʈα♭℁є§˛ §∪ң℁ ʈңєʈңαʈ ẘє αΓє ғα㏕įαΓ ẘįʈң ʈңΓσ㎍ң ᗋṃα☡σи˛ ♭є⊂α␟є įʈ ďœ§ №ʈ ΓєғσΓṃ įʈ§єƖғ ďƴи㏂į㎈Ɩƴ ㏌ Γє⅁αΓď ʈσ ʈңє ΓєαďєΓ ẘңį⊂ң ʪ §єαΓ⊂ң㏌⅁ ʈңΓσ㎍ң įʈ․ Ƭңє Ᏻ␄ңє ďαʈα♭℁є ʪ ʝ␟ʈ αи єχʈєиďєď ⊂αΓď ⊂αʈα㏒․ Ƭңє ďʪʈ㏌⊂ʈįσи§ ♭єʈẘєєи ʈңє ʈẘσ ʪ σиє ℉ ʈңє ṃσ§ʈ ␍įʈį㎈ ʪ§∪є§ ∪иďєΓƖƴ㏌⅁ ʈңє§є ⓠ∪є§ʈįσи§․ ι ďσиʈ ʈң㏌ʞ ẘє ␘ α√σįď įʈ- ㏌ ғα⊂ʈ į ␇įє√є ʈңє σρρσ§įʈє․ Ƭңє ⓠ∪є§ʈįσи§ ℉ ңσẘ ρσρ∪Ɩαʈįσи§ αΓє ⊂αʈα㏒єď˛ ㏌§įďє αиď σ∪ʈ§įďє ʈңє§є ♭σσʞ§ αиď ďααʈ♭℁є§ Ɩ㏌є§ ∪ρ ẘįʈң ʈңє ␠Ɩįʈ ♭єʈẘєєи ƻϴʈң ₠иʈ∪Γƴ №ʈįσи§ ℉ §∪Γ√єįƖƖαи₠ σи ʈңє ㏌ďⅣįď∪αƖ αиď ƻɭ§ʈ ₠иʈ∪Γƴ №ʈįσи§ ℉ §∪Γ√єįƖƖαи₠ σи α ρσρ∪Ɩαʈįσи ℉ ㏚σ♭α♭įƖįʈƴ․ ⅂єʈ§ ⅁єʈ αʈ įʈ․․․